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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am that Haysie-Doodle boy!

I'll bet you thought Haysie-Doodle's designs were just for girls, right?  WRONG!  I have long ties and bow ties in fabulous prints for both little guys and big guys (like daddy types).  Here is a picture of one satisfied customer (my nephew Nate).  After all the Easter celebrations were finished, he refused to take off his tie because (as he said) he "looked goooooood."

This handsome fellow is Zach.  He wears Haysie-Doodle ties to chapel at school.  Although he's technically allowed to ditch the tie mid-morning, he prefers to wear it all day because "the ladies love it."  

And this dashing gentlemen is my youngest, Steven.  We live in a pretty casual place, but he actually likes to wear ties for special occasions because he gets a LOT of attention when he does.  He prefers Haysie-Doodle ties to the polyester versions from the department store.  After all, as he says, "mom can make ties with skulls or skateboards."

Moral of this story:  if your guy doesn't like ties, he hasn't seen Haysie-Doodle ties!

(Did I mention I'm happy to do custom orders?)

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